This is where the vision began!

During my first mental health brunch, the participants were able to learn about various impediments to mental health, strategies to implement into their lives to mitigate the effects of stressors, and how to live their lives more authentically. The culminating event was an amazing Mediterranean-styled brunch!


“I just loved it. These opportunities to see things from another point of view are always necessary for life. I think that is one of the main reasons why therapy and mental health are so important. I had a great time, and the food was amazing.” ~Vale

“The workshop was highly informative! Kindall created an open atmosphere while delivering thought-provoking discussions about our own ideas of mental health and how to find a balance that works for us. We were provided with a resourceful workbook full of information to use even after the event. Overall, the brunch was successful in creating a space where we could discuss our issues and receive professional input and input from the experiences of others. Also, the venue was fantastic. By the end of the workshop, most of us took home multiple doggy bags filled with delicious food, and almost everyone received a give-a-way. There was so much sharing, laughter, emotions, and discoveries; I simply cannot put into words the wonderful atmosphere of the day. It must be experienced. I personally can’t wait for the next one.” ~Jarra